Elephant Journal Collection

All-Natural Serum Set


Our skin protects us from the environment and the sun, it keeps us healthy and safe.  The serums we offer are 100% bio-available; there is no water or preservatives, just the pure expression of plants.

Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil is unscented; Chilean Rosehip is the only naturally occurring source of Tretinoin (a clinically proven treatment of acne and photo-damage), try it on your face at night or your hair after shampooing and drying to reduce frizz!

All-Heal (Prunella vulgaris) flower contains many phytocompounds including the powerful antioxidant, Rosmarinic acid. Antioxidants neutralizes free radicals from air pollutants and UV light.  Our All-Heal Face Serum contains a blend of seed oils with All-Heal extract and essential oils to ground and relax you as you start your day!

Our mission is to revive community between plants and people. Our commitment is to produce products that utilize the wisdom of nature and the people who listen to and pass down this wisdom as an ethnobotanical tradition. We don't believe it's possible to improve on nature, but we can bring it to you directly.  

Both Serums are offered in 1 oz format. Normal Price $94. Special Elephant Journal Bundle Price: $72