No. 2 – The Importance of Our Ingredients.

For our product, the ingredients are everything, there is no water to dilute them and no stabilizer to artificially keep them in formulation.  

They all came directly from a seed, which came from a flower, which was produced by a plant using nothing but air, water, sunlight and soil—and that is how we intend to keep it.

This seems to be lost on so many of the industrial products that are on the market today, this connection that is experience by a consumer through a product.  That connection may be with nature or with industry, but there is an inevitable connection.

This is the importance of any ingredient in every product—they all came from somewhere and were processed in some way before they were put into the package that is purchased.  When people read only the front of a product alone, they outsource their trust to a third party in the brand.

We believe that people should understand what they are putting on their body (as well as in their body) and we think that the industry should facilitate this by being more open.

Although we can imagine why they may not want to be so open.  We are very proud of our limited and all plant based natural ingredients, it is these ingredients that helped us achieve our guiding principles.

Each ingredient is included intentionally, and they are all balanced to accentuate their strengths while the weaknesses of each ingredient is adjusted for with the others. They work in unison to produce a well-balanced non-greasy feeling product.  

This can only be accomplished when one knows the origin of their raw materials, because even though a product may be called the same thing, its origin has dramatic effects on its performance and efficacy.  Take rosehip seed oil as an example, rosehip grows all over the world, and is commercially produced in Chile, South Africa, and Bulgaria. The rosehip that comes from South Africa and Bulgaria is not the same as what comes from Chile.   

Something about the Andean slopes changes the oil, makes it more fluid and pushes the plant to create interesting phytochemicals like ‘all-trans-retonic acid’ (naturally occurring retinol).  As a brand, unless you know the origin of your raw materials, you are just outsourcing you’re your trust to a third party in the distributor you work with.

We think of our product as a supply chain in-and-of-itself with the user being the terminal and the plant being the origin.  And we are like the people who shake the almonds from the tree, just another human hand in the chain that connects plant and people though a product.  And this connection is material in the ingredients that we use, and that is their importance.