Our products can be applied anytime, anywhere, by everyone
This has everything to do with their pure and unmodified composition.  Our products are often incorporated into the rituals which comprise our days. 
We apply after a shower, and before going to sleep.  On our face in the mornings and on our elbows in the afternoon. After our hands dry from washing, and whenever we are reminded that our skin needs some nourishment. We use General Salve No 18 as a beard salve, and a hand salve; in a pinch we use it as a conditioner for our hair.
All natural products require a bit more care.
If the product inst easy to squeeze out of the container, it is likely too cold. Put it in your pocket for 5 min! 
Our product is concentrated, we recommend you use a little bit at first, until you know how much your skin needs. 
If our products get too hot, they may separate into the different types of lipid crystals.  If this happens, close the cap tightly, run under hot tap water for 5 minuets, put in the freezer over night, and use as normal the next day.