Lauren Virnoche

Lauren Virnoche grows and processes a diverse spectrum of herbs in Kendall county Illinois, including many native species and recently CBD hemp.  She has been farming for 6 years and is always learning. 

Through the cultivation of plants she hopes to support resilient communities - of the wild, the cultivated, and human type - by providing a bridge between and through the gentle truth that by functioning together they are stronger. 

She farms in accordance with earth’s natural processes with the conviction that healthy soils and biodiversity are the keys to an abundant habitat and a richer, more nuanced end product.  In addition to farming, Lauren designs landscapes with native plants that integrate into our natural ecosystems with the same mission.


Lauren produces several herbs for Samuel Ethnobotanics and others including: 

  • CBD
  • Prunella Vulgaris
  • Candula
  • Camomile

There are many more herbs which we will include in our products moving forward all sourced through our partnership with Lauren.