No. 5 – Introducing Meditation Salve: CBD and Chamomile

If you’ve flipped through a magazine or tuned into anything going on in the world of wellness the past few years, there’s no way you missed the way CBD has taken over the beauty world. An ingredient once assumed as an herb reserved for hippies and festival-goers, THC's non-psychoactive first cousin has shown everyone that it can shine in the cannabis shadow.

We've previously highlighted the importance of ingredients in our products and these two plants are no exception. Through incorporating CBD and chamomile into our salve we wanted to amp up those anti-inflammatory and calming properties these herbs are most famous for. 'Meditation Salve No. 9' was created for those times you need assistance in bringing those cortisol levels down. 


Found in the flower and leaves of the hemp plant, cannabidiol is often used as a tool to promote a sense of calm and meditation. Beauty and wellness brands have been part of the recent de-stigmatizing of the herb from a stoner favorite to something as sophisticated as it is effective in treating a variety of our body's and mind's ailments.


This daisy-like flower has been long believed to relieve depression and encourage relaxation when inhaled or digested via your favorite bed-time tea. Antioxidant properties can help nurture skin health. The scent is light, sweet, herbaceous, and fruity making it a lovely scent for any occasion.

The power of herbal medicine and science combined with the luxury of a spa treatment formulated to calm, heal, and soothe the skin.'Meditation Salve

How to use:

The power a warm shower or bath has on your day or evening is unlike any other. Ramp up that feeling of relaxation by applying the Meditation Salve generously to the body. Focus on pressure points and areas of tension like the jaw, palms, and foot arches for ultimate relaxation.